OSKAR returns in Spring of 2017

OSKAR returns in 2017 with two fun shows!

Ideal for grades K – 5, OSKAR AND THE COUNTLESS COSTUME CHANGES and OSKAR AND THE BIG BULLY BATTLE! will tour from February 20 – March 31, 2017.

The ongoing series of OSKAR plays for young audiences has been touring schools throughout the Bay Area since 2006 and has reached more than 100,000 students. The plays—which tackle bullying, resiliency, and empathy—have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from students, teachers, administrators, and parents. While all the OSKAR plays deal with their subject matter in a humorous fashion, they have made a serious impact on student behavior.

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Introducing the 2016 TAEAs!

Say hello to our 2016 class of Artistic Engagement Apprentices! Launched in 2014, this unique program brings emerging theatre artists into our office and rehearsal space to observe and participate in a professional company. For ten weeks, this group will spend time with our Marketing, Development, Education, and Artistic departments working with TheatreWorks staff and other artists. Get to know this special group of artists:

KieranName: Kieran Beccia

Hometown: Santa Margarita, CA

Alma Mater: UC Santa Cruz

First theatre experience:  Starring debut in a stage version of Muppet Treasure Island in 4th grade with children instead of Muppets

Favorite actor/actress: Frances McDormand

Favorite play or musical: Miss Julie

What are you most looking forward to during your time at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley? I am thrilled to learn more about production and theatre management. Continue reading

1440 COUNTDOWN at TheatreWorks

The most epic sleepover of the year has arrived!


At 5pm this evening, 1440 Countdown will officially kick off at our rehearsal studios in Redwood City. Teams of 5-8 people from local high schools will take part in a overnight play creation lockdown, with only 24 hours to create a ten-minute piece to be performed for family, friends, and a distinguished panel of judges providing feedback on each team’s work.


Late night creativity during 1440 Countdown. Some students aren’t quite able to stay awake for the whole night.

Ahead of tonight’s festivities, we sat down with  Associate Education Director Katie Bartholomew for more on 1440 Countdown.

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley: What makes 1440 Countdown so special? Why do you think students return every year?

Katie Bartholomew: 1440 Countdown occurs once a year, with a different theme, and different requirements and challenges for writing the play. Yes, it’s the same structure, but the process of getting to that performance for judges is different every year. Students look forward to coming every year for a fun evening out with their peers, the challenge of writing a play, and the opportunity to try and write the winning play. It’s special for students to have a chance to express their creative ideas and thoughts in a safe and supportive space. It’s about the process the students go through to create something new, not the play itself. Also, how much fun is it to be out of the house and up all night eating junk food with friends?

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Summer Studio @ TheatreWorks

Summer Studio @ TheatreWorks is a great opportunity for students grades 7 – 12 to spend a fast-paced and immersive month writing, staging, and performing a truly original piece of theatre in the professional environment at TheatreWorks. This year we re-imagine the wacky classic, The Birds, by Aristophanes.

Hambly Track, Grades 7 – 9: June 27 – July 22, 2016

Stern Track, Grades 10 – 12: July 18 – August 12, 2016

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Spotlight on: CONCEPTS AT PLAY


Our ten day residency program for schools, Concepts at Play provides a unique opportunity for students to use acting games and theatre exercises to explore other subjects, such as math, science, and poetry. The fifth grade students of Henry Ford Elementary School in Redwood City participated in the science portion of Concepts at Play, entitled Playing with Science. Continue reading

PROOF: First Day of Rehearsal

Here we go behind the scenes of Proof with an inside look at the first day of rehearsal!

Proof is a mystery of family instability and fledgling attraction, an exhilarating, funny, and fulfilling tribute to the humanity that permeates our world of equations, equivocations, and codes.

Check out what the actors and creative minds involved have to say!

Summer Studio @ TheatreWorks: However you make your mark on the world

This year, TheatreWorks Silicon Valley is piloting a new summer conservatory program: Summer Studio @ TheatreWorks. The program splits students into two different tracks: middle school (the Hambly track) and high school (the Stern track). Each group of students was given the frame for a new play based on a classic work, and then spent four weeks in a series of classes on playwriting, acting, dancing, etc, taught by Bay Area professionals working in the theatre industry.

The Stern track presents LYSA

The Stern track presents LYSA

As Summer Studio draws to a close and the students get ready to present their finished work – a brand new play called Lysa – to the public, we talked to a few of them about their process this summer in the two different tracks. Continue reading