Week of Gratitude: Everyone


During our Week of Gratitude we celebrate the generosity of TheatreWorks’ community members, including you!

We’re grateful for each person who plays their part here at TheatreWorks. Please enjoy a few stories from your fellow community members who, like you, make a difference at TheatreWorks, as well as in our greater Silicon Valley community.

So give yourself a round of applause! TheatreWorks staff might put on the show, but you’re the inspiration.

Thursday, November 23: EVERYONE

TheatreWorks reaches over 100,000 audience members each year. That’s bigger than the city of Palo Alto! Without you, our audience, to whom will our actors perform? Our artists spend weeks rehearsing the material, but you help finish the equation by attending and applauding.

We are grateful for your enthusiasm and partnership in the art of TheatreWorks. You inspire us to keep finding incredible stories for the stage.

Thank you for joining in on the Week of Gratitude celebration. Share what you’re grateful for via email.

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