Week of Gratitude: FutureWorks


During our Week of Gratitude we celebrate the generosity of TheatreWorks’ community members, including you!

We’re grateful for each person who plays their part here at TheatreWorks. Please enjoy a few stories from your fellow community members who, like you, make a difference at TheatreWorks, as well as in our greater Silicon Valley community.

So give yourself a round of applause! TheatreWorks staff might put on the show, but you’re the inspiration.

Wednesday, November 22: FUTUREWORKS

Can you imagine TheatreWorks 50 years from now? Maybe it’s impossible to know, but we all share a vision of a strong, united, and thriving TheatreWorks right here in the Bay. FutureWorks members designate TheatreWorks as a beneficiary in their planned giving, ensuring that we will serve our shared community for generations to come. By celebrating their legacy in this way, they play their part in securing a vibrant and thriving future—even for another 50 years to come!

We are grateful for their vision and passion. Take some time to meet a few of your fellow FutureWorks members, and feel free to send us your answers to the questions as well!


How many years have you been involved at TheatreWorks?
Since 1985, when we moved to the Bay Area from Santa Barbara. First we were individual ticket buyers, followed quickly by being season subscribers and donors.

Why did you choose to join FutureWorks?
Kelley, his staff, and the board of directors have built something magical and enduring.  We feel confident that supporting TheatreWorks through a legacy gift is a solid investment in the performing arts in Silicon Valley. The youth programs, New Works Initiative, and regular season performances are all worthy of support.

Share your own personal vision of TheatreWorks 50 years from now.
In its own state-of-the-art building, TheatreWorks will have major works produced on its main stage, and smaller stages for (a) youth performances and theatre classes and (b) a cabaret setting for live performances of music, comedy, or other performing art forms as a source of space rental revenue to help sustain TheatreWorks. Lots of underground parking and close to public transportation. TheatreWorks will also have founded a school of theatre performance, playwriting, staging/lighting/etc. which could be co-located with the TheatreWorks stages.


How many years have you been involved at TheatreWorks?
My cousin was a subscriber for many years before I even knew about TheatreWorks. Occasionally I got to go when his theatre partner couldn’t at the last minute and I was greatly impressed by the quality of the productions. I became a subscriber 10 years ago, first with my cousin, then with my own membership.

Why did you choose to join FutureWorks?
My mother took me to plays from the time I could walk, about age three, and I have loved theatre ever since. I live in Santa Cruz but I have had subscriptions to the Broadway series in San Francisco for more than 30 years, and I had subscriptions to San Jose American Musical Theatre and San Jose Rep for many years. TheatreWorks has always stunned me by the quality of the productions—every detail is considered. The casting, the acting, the sets, the costumes, the music when there is music, all the parts of theatre are done with such excellence, I am awed by every performance I am privileged to see. A few years ago when I was updating my estate plan, I decided that I wanted to support that which has given me the most joy in my life, and that is theatre. And the most joy in theatre in my life comes from TheatreWorks. I am thrilled to know that after I’m gone I will be able to support this amazing organization through a donation of a percentage of my estate.

Who is your favorite character in any past TW production?
Jerusha Abbott in Daddy Long Legs. She is bright and feisty, eager to learn, hardworking, and instinctively knows that women are equals to men and should be treated as equals. She recognizes authenticity compared to phoniness in people she meets. Also, I love her character, because she experiences such growth during the four years covered in the play. And she still retains her loving heart and strong values.

Share your own personal vision of TheatreWorks 50 years from now.
My vision for TheatreWorks in 50 years: I imagine a TheatreWorks Village, open daily, where people of all ages can learn about all aspects of the theatre—writing, production, acting, etc., and it is set up to especially attract kids and teenagers so that people can be exposed early like I was, to the thrill and joy of live theatre. TheatreWorks Village would include at least one state-of-the-art theatre for performances, and lots of rehearsal areas, dressing rooms, prop building areas, lighting construction, living space for out-of-town performers, office space for all the administration people involved in creating and maintaining the productions and the Village. And restaurants with healthy food that feed staff and visitors while they are in the Village. If the Village covers acres of space, there can be an electric van that shuttles people around, like a golf cart for 10 people at once. I haven’t worked out all the details—it’s just a fantasy. You fill in the rest from your own imagination.

Learn more about Legacy Giving and FutureWorks at TheatreWorks.

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