“Daddy Long Legs” and the Mannequin Challenge

Riddle: What do a dozen TW staff members, the cast and crew of Daddy Long Legs, and 200 students have in common?

Answer: They all participated in TW’s mannequin challenge last Thursday!

When we asked Deirdre Holland, the Daddy Long Legs Stage Manager, whether the cast and crew would be willing to be a part of this craze which has been sweeping the nation, she said yes. We threw out a few dates, and she suggested that we do it after the first student matinee, when we could have a house full of willing and enthusiastic audience members.

Katie Bartholomew, Associate Director of Education, checked with the schools who were coming, and confirmed with three of them that they would stay. That meant a total of 200 kids would be a part of our mannequin challenge!

The cast and crew for Daddy Long Legs is smaller than our typical December musical: just two actors, three musicians, and six crew members. But Marketing & Communications Manager (and genius) Heather Orth came up with a storyboard that would allow us to make the most of every single body we had – some of them twice! – in the single-shot video.

So last Thursday, staff members traveled from the office to the Lucie Stern Theatre in Palo Alto, and took their places around the green room. Heather ran through the entire storyboard one time, while on the stage the actors held their post-show talkback with the students. Once the talkback ended, the actors and crew quickly got into their places. Heather filmed the entire thing in under two minutes…and the rest is history!

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