How do you live a Lippa lyric?

During The Life of the Party, we’re asking a special question of our audience in the lobby of the theatre: Which Andrew Lippa lyric relates the most to your life?

I made some mistakes, but I made something new. And I love my life this way!
(The Man in the Ceiling)


Andrew Lippa

I’m not made for things like mowin’ lawns or apron strings
I’m my best when not at rest.
(Big Fish)


Sally Ann Triplett

 I don’t have a sunny disposition
I’m not known for being too amused
My demeanor’s locked in one position
See my face?
I’m enthused.
(The Addams Family)


Andrew Lippa and Sally Ann Triplett

 Who needs lovers? Not I.
Who needs heaven above?
Don’t have time for things unsaid
for baking bread, for love.
(The Wild Party)


Damian Humbley and Teal Wicks

 If in heaven you don’t excel
you can always party down in hell!
(The Wild Party)


Sally Ann Triplett, Teal Wicks, Damian Humbley, and Andrew Lippa

 You are here
You are walking
When they told you should crawl.
(I Am Harvey Milk)


Andrew Lippa

I do what I do
Let ‘em cheer, let ‘em boo
I still love my world that way.
(The Man in the Ceiling)


Jonah Broscow and Andrew Lippa during our 2015 New Works Festival

Let us know how you live a Lippa lyric in the lobby of the theatre or on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook throughout the run of The Life of the Party.

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All photos by Kevin Berne-

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