Silicon Valley Gives 2016


We are happy to announce our involvement in Silicon Valley Gives 2016! This year, our fundraising focus will be on our education programs as the need is growing. Did you know TheatreWorks education programs reach over 25,000 students each year?

Here’s what people are saying about Education programs at TheatreWorks:


“I can’t remember ever being around that many teenagers who were so still and paying complete attention to a shared experience.” –Cathie Thermond, Saratoga High School’s Drama Booster Club


“Thank you for teaching us counterbalance, force, gravity, balance, position, tableau, motion, stable, and neutral. I love TheatreWorks! Thank you for teaching us how to be an ensemble. We were all a great team. Thirty heads are smarter than one.” –Student, 2nd Grade, Del Roble Elementary


“You can have fun like a normal kid. You can forget what is wrong with you.”
–Child Patient at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital

Check back on here May 3 to make your gift!

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