1440 COUNTDOWN at TheatreWorks

The most epic sleepover of the year has arrived!


At 5pm this evening, 1440 Countdown will officially kick off at our rehearsal studios in Redwood City. Teams of 5-8 people from local high schools will take part in a overnight play creation lockdown, with only 24 hours to create a ten-minute piece to be performed for family, friends, and a distinguished panel of judges providing feedback on each team’s work.


Late night creativity during 1440 Countdown. Some students aren’t quite able to stay awake for the whole night.

Ahead of tonight’s festivities, we sat down with  Associate Education Director Katie Bartholomew for more on 1440 Countdown.

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley: What makes 1440 Countdown so special? Why do you think students return every year?

Katie Bartholomew: 1440 Countdown occurs once a year, with a different theme, and different requirements and challenges for writing the play. Yes, it’s the same structure, but the process of getting to that performance for judges is different every year. Students look forward to coming every year for a fun evening out with their peers, the challenge of writing a play, and the opportunity to try and write the winning play. It’s special for students to have a chance to express their creative ideas and thoughts in a safe and supportive space. It’s about the process the students go through to create something new, not the play itself. Also, how much fun is it to be out of the house and up all night eating junk food with friends?

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