EMMA on holiday in Silicon Valley!

photo 3Before she takes the stage this December at the Lucie Stern Theatre in Palo Alto, Emma is going on holiday!

She recently arrived in Silicon Valley and has been marveling at the local sights!

Emma began her extended holiday by visiting the costume shop at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley. For her upcoming appearance at the Lucie Stern, she simply must be dressed in her best.


Emma was thrilled to receive an invitation to attend the opening night performance of Proof! She simply adored the riveting drama.

AnythingGoesMuch to Emma’s delight, she was again invited to be the guest of honor at the best costume gala of the year, Anything Goes! Here she is, taking in a lovely performance by the wonderful Lianne Marie Dobbs. My, the resemblance is astonishing!


The next stop on Emma’s great adventure was a visit to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara to see her favorite football team, the San Francisco 49ers, triumph over the Baltimore Ravens! Who knew Emma was such a football fan! She was delighted to see the 49ers avenge their 2013 SuperBowl loss.

Google 3

Although she enjoyed her visit to a mysterious place called “Google”, Emma found the oddly shaped statues in front a bit peculiar. They were not at all like the statues one might find in the English Regency.


Emma had heard a great deal about a new contrivance called “Facebook” from her friends here in Silicon Valley. She simply had to see it for herself!


Emma next visited the lovely, quaint village of Cupertino. She took in a building covered in windows and glass of all shapes and sizes, known only by the curious name of “Apple”.


So curious about the tech industry here in Silicon Valley, Emma asked to see where it all began. Her friends then took her to Palo Alto to see the Hewlett-Packard garage.

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