AudienceWorks – An Interactive Experience

A few years ago, we here at TheatreWorks got together and asked ourselves a question: How could we make the audience experience to our shows more inclusive? We settled on a new program called AudienceWorks, which focused on giving our patrons fun, interesting ways to spend their lobby time. Since then, AudienceWorks has been a great success and we’ve always gotten wonderful feedback from people attending. Some shows are more inclusive or complicated than others, but in the end, everyone gets to feel like they get to be a little part of the show, too!

The AudienceWorks experience for The Country House was tailored to be a bit of a brain teaser! On one side is a list of actors and on the other is a list of productions that were in the Williamstown Theater Festival. As you can probably guess, each actor has been in a production and audience members were asked to match who belonged in what show.

Let’s see how they’ve done so far:

photo 3photo 4

Hmm…looks like we could use some help. If you’re in the lobby over the next few days, make sure to stop by the board and lend a hand!

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