Actor Spotlight on Stephen Muterspaugh

Muterspaugh, StephenIn The Country House, Stephen Muterspaugh plays Elliott, a grieving actor who is giving playwriting a shot for the first time in front of the harshest critics of all, his show biz family. We’re delighted to be introducing Stephen’s work to TheatreWorks Silicon Valley audiences with this role! Check out Stephen’s responses to our Actor Spotlight quiz below:

TWSV: What is your hometown?

Stephen: Phoenix, Arizona

TWSV: What was your first acting role?

Stephen: Tommy Tucker in Tommy Tucker Can’t Tell Time, my second grade play.

TWSV: What has been your worst stage mishap?

Stephen: I was an emergency replacement for one of the miners in The Unsinkable Molly Brown. I had something like three rehearsals, on my first exit on my first performance, I ran directly into the proscenium arch and staggered offstage.

TWSV: What is your dream role?

Stephen: Whatever role is next!

TWSV: What has been your favorite role?

Stephen: Whatever role I’m doing now!

TWSV: Who is an actor/actress that has inspired you?

Stephen: Paul Giamatti.

TWSV: What is a hobby or interest, aside from theatre, that you are passionate about?

Stephen: Hanging with my dogs, Luke and Leia.

TWSV: What is your go-to meal before a show?

Stephen: Something boring and light – a nice garden salad with some grilled chicken.

TWSV: What is your go-to meal (and/or drink) post show?

Stephen: Shot of whiskey with a beer chaser and anything fried.

TWSV: What is your earliest memory of TheatreWorks?

Stephen: I’m still relatively new to the area. [title of show] was the first show I saw after I had relocated.

TWSV: Tell us something about yourself that audiences may not already know:

Stephen: I’m getting married the day after The Country House closes.

Get your tickets now to see Stephen in The Country House!

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