Actor Spotlight on Kimberly King of THE COUNTRY HOUSE

King, Kimberly 2Kimberly King returns as Anna Patterson, the matriarch of a show biz family in The Country House! TheatreWorks Silicon Valley audiences may remember King as the austere and commanding Sister Aloysius in 2008’S Doubt. Get to know Kimberly a little more here in our Spotlight quiz:

TWSV: What is your hometown?

Kimberly: Omaha, NE

TWSV: What was your first acting role?

Kimberly: I played the Grandmother in Frosty the Snowman when I was six.

TWSV: What has been your worst stage mishap?

Kimberly: I was playing Laura in The Glass Menagerie and my dress caught on fire.

TWSV: Who is an actor/actress that has inspired you?

Kimberly: Barbara Oliver and Joy Carlin

Doubt David Allen

Kimberly King and Cassidy Brown in DOUBT. Photo by David Allen.

TWSV: What is a hobby or interest, aside from theatre, that you are passionate about?

Kimberly: Politics and gardening

TWSV: What is your go-to meal (and/or drink) post show?

Kimberly: Anything in the fridge

TWSV: Tell us something about yourself that audiences may not already know:

Kimberly: I own a business.

Get your tickets now to see Kimberly in The Country House!

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