Actor Spotlight on Rosie Hallett of THE COUNTRY HOUSE

Hallett, RosieWe’re throwing the spotlight on Rosie Hallett! You’ve seen her locally at companies such as Marin Theatre Company, Shotgun Players, and Magic Theatre. Now, she’s playing Susie, an insightful daughter struggling to reconcile her mother’s death with her dysfunctional show biz family in The Country House. The winner of Theatre Bay Area’s TITAN Award in 2013, she recently braved our Actor Spotlight quiz:

TWSV: What is your hometown?

Rosie Hallett: Hamilton, Montana.

TWSV: What was your first acting role?

Rosie: I played a blue marlin in an “Under the Sea” style musical in first grade. I had wanted to be a starfish, but no such luck…

TWSV: What has been your worst stage mishap?

Rosie: I’m too superstitious to say!

TWSV: What is your dream role?

Rosie: Lisa in Donald Margulies’ Collected Stories.

TWSV: What has been your favorite role?

Rosie: Helena in All’s Well That Ends Well.

TWSV: Who is an actor/actress that has inspired you?

Rosie: Stacy Ross – she’s tremendously talented, kind, and generous.

TWSV: What is a hobby or interest, aside from theatre, that you are passionate about?

Rosie: I’m learning to play guitar and teaching myself French.

TWSV: What is your go-to meal before a show?

Rosie: A PB&J, eaten in the car on the way to the theatre.

TWSV: What is your go-to meal (and/or drink) post show?

Rosie: Whiskey!

TWSV: What is your earliest memory of TheatreWorks?

Rosie: TheatreWorks gave me my first job out of college – I worked as a counselor at their drama camp right after graduation, teaching adorable 5-12 year olds.

TWSV: Tell us something about yourself that audiences may not already know:

Rosie: I have webbed toes.

Get your tickets now to see Rosie in The Country House!

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