Actor Spotlight on Jason Kuykendall of THE COUNTRY HOUSE

Kuykendall, Jason - Color

You might remember Jason Kuykendall as Doctor Treves in 2007’s The Elephant Man here at TheatreWorks. We’re thrilled to have him back onstage as the charismatic movie star Michael Astor in The Country House! Jason was brave enough to tackle our Actor Spotlight quiz – check out his answers below:

TW: What is your hometown?

Jason: Tempe, Arizona

TW: What was your first acting role?

Jason: Father Time in my 4th grade production of Father Time Saves Christmas.

TW: What has been your worst onstage mishap?

Jason: While playing Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at Cincinnati Playhouse, I cut my knee during a planned stage fall. It wouldn’t stop bleeding, but thankfully there was a towel on stage that I used to continually sop up blood during the first act!

TW: What is your dream role?

Jason: One of my dream roles has always been Biff in Death of a Salesman.  Never having had a chance to play that part has always been a sadness on my heart.

TW: What has been your favorite role?

Jason: My favorite role was probably playing Lenny in Of Mice and Men. That along with Biff were my two dream roles. Luckily, I got to play Lenny!

TW: Who has been an actor or actress that has inspired you?

Jason: Dustin Hoffman’s performance in Death of a Salesman is what made me decide to pursue acting.

TW: Tell us about an interest or hobby aside from theatre that you are passionate about.

Jason: My wife Elisabeth Nunziato and I own a video production company called NK Media. We create everything from feature films to television commercials.

TW: What is your go-to meal before a performance?

Jason: I have a horrible diet that my wife is desperately trying to get me to change.

TW: What is your go-to cocktail after a show?

Jason: Every once in a while after a show I love a glass of scotch.

TW: What is something special about you that our audience may not know?

Jason: I have double jointed knees!

Get your tickets now to see Jason in The Country House!

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